Wi-tap is a distributed virtual organization, started by Anne Sedee and Karel Fassotte. Wi-Tap studies Nikola Tesla’s wireless long range energy transfer concepts and tries to replicate his findings in a modern implementation. You’re welcome to join.

Karel Fassotte is a senior electrical engineer in (conventional) radio and (not yet conventional) energy wireless networks. In the eighties Karel worked for radio stations like Radio Farabundo Marti and investigated interfering factors in radio communications. Later he became a business consultant for Radio and Satellite communications, using state of the art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Software Defined Radio (SDR). Also as SDR-designer and consultant he helped with several non-profit projects.

Anne Sedee thinks out of the box and is one of the directors of an open source software company. She is (co-) initiator and inspirator of the Wi-Tap experiments and helps with the research. Anne believes that learning about the working mechanisms of (wireless) energy and searching for new methods to harvest energy, can help improve the human condition. Also she’s convinced, that it’s not so much about new discoveries, but more about rediscovering somehow lost knowledge.

You can email us at: question at, leave comments on the individual pages of this website or join the club.