Tesla’s Wireless Energy Transmission

In the late 19th century, Nikola Tesla imagined systems for the (global) transmission of electrical energy without interconnecting wires. His wireless techniques lay dormant for more then 100 years, and are still not understood by science.

Many websites and discussion groups give information on this part of Tesla’s work. However, only a handful of people have tried, or are trying, to replicate his wireless experiments based on his patents such as us-patent-649621, us-patent-645576 and Canadian-patent 142,352.

Like them, Wi-Tap is inspired by Tesla’s ideas. Wireless power transfer has many promising applications, not only contactless powering but also electric vehicles and, really challenging, transmitting energy to remote areas in need of it. Our coming experiments are aimed at sending energy through the earth like Tesla did with his Wardenclyff tower. Below our latest ideas of how this could have worked.

Goal of the Tesla Tower

Pulsed energy is transmitted into the earth to produce resonance with the earth’s electrical charge. This resonance with the earth will amplify the original waves from the electrical source, the Tesla transceiver. Radiation will not escape into the cosmos, but keeps oscillating until all energy is absorbed by receiving systems or attenuated by propagation losses in the earth textures.

The earth is a charged, moving body in the solar system and beyond. The motion constantly taking place between the earth and other masses and also within the earth. It is all about charges and vibrations, that’s nature.

And like jujitsu, don’t act against the force, but act with it. Use the existing force for your own benefit. Go with the energy and collect what is brought in. Look at the top of Tesla’s tower, this is an electrical vibrator.

Fig 1 Tesla's wireless electric energy transmitter/receiver (transceiver)

Fig 1 Wardenclyff Tower. Tesla’s wireless electric energy transmitter/receiver (transceiver)

Tesla’s idea was to highly charge the particles at very low frequencies, in resonance with the electrical waves of the earth , the earth’s energy.

Fig 2 An artist impression of Tesla's Wardenclyff Tower

Fig 2 An artist impression of Tesla’s Wardenclyff Tower










Were does the energy come from?

The Extreme UltraViolet imager (EUV) instrument on board of the ‘IMAGE’, launched March 25, 2000, captured this picture of the ultraviolet glow from relatively cold plasma surrounding our planet.

Fig 3 Plasma surrounding our planet

Fig 3 Plasma surrounding our planet

The region of space surrounding the earth, where the dominant magnetic field is that of the earth, is called the magnetosphere. Explosive events on the sun can penetrate the magnetosphere with energy and generate magnetic storms that occasionally affect satellites, communications and power systems. The earth is electrically charged by the strong electric and magnetic fields of these highly charged particles, radiated by the sun’s powerful (complete) spectrum of electromagnetic waves. The magnetosphere dominates the behaviour of these electrically charged particles and shields our planet to some extent.

Fig 4 Energy, radiation and mass from the Sun is bombarding the earth and the magnetosphere

Fig 4 Energy, radiation and mass from the Sun is bombarding the earth and the magnetosphere

IMAGE, also revealed that during magnetic storms, the night-side region of the magnetosphere, which is stretched out, sometimes snaps back and shoots plasma violently toward the earth. ”The plasma becomes heated to several hundred million degrees and whirls around Earth in multi-million-amp currents”. All this is recent space science research.

Fig 5 Heated plasma

Fig 5 Heated plasma

It’s obvious where all the energy comes from. The earth is bombarded with radiation and mass by the sun and the surrounding cosmos. Was Tesla right after all? Its a very tentative proposal. However, more difficult is it to grasp how to harvest this energy and make it usable electrical energy.

Harvesting the energy

Tesla wanted to use high power – low frequency helical resonators. The helical resonators Tesla used in Colorado Springs, where the receiver circuit was much smaller than the transmitter, aided Tesla to imagine the production of low frequency electric discharges into the earth, using very ”good” grounding. He wanted a resonant circuit in which the earth is included. Tesla used a heterodyne circuit to produce the very low frequency pulsed energy waves.

Fig 6 The Colorado experiment diagram

Fig 6 The Colorado experiment diagram

At least 75KW is needed to effectively resonate the popper earth. When the pulsed energy is tuned to the right waveform, frequency and pulse length, the earth will start to oscillate, resonate its electrical energy. This energy can be collected.

Fig 7 Evolution of the Colorado Springs diagram

Fig 7 Evolution of the Colorado Springs diagram

In fig 8, the two coils in fig 6 evolve into one sole circuit. The first coil consists of the primary, secondary, extra coil and the dome. The second coil is the conductor to the earth. The top of the receiver coil is inverted on top of the extra coil. Tesla needed to construct a very large capacitor (to ground) that would be charged by the Tesla extra coil via the second spark-gap on top of the highly resonant extra coil. The dome capacitor will discharge to ground via the conductor, the cable, to earth. The grounding to earth, some distance from the secondary resonator, is for a good reason. The ground will conduct and very large pulsed electron waves will be produced between both earth ground terminals. This in turn will produce strong electro magnetic field effects in the “medium earth” and will result in low frequency, pulsed, longitudinal, electromagnetic standing waves. These waves will interact with the earth’s own resonant electro magnetic energy. If the resonances interact coherently, the (self) resonance in (of) the earth will increase, fed by the energy the earth receives from the sun and cosmos.

Fig 8 the two coils in fig 6 evolve into one sole circuit. Both coils have their own earth at some distance from each other!

Fig 8 the two coils in fig 6 evolve into one sole circuit. Both coils have their own earth at some distance from each other!

Also in Fig 9 the extra coil is above the flat primary and secondary circuit. The spark-gap that should charge the dome capacitor is clearly visible. The form of the support construction suggest that these are coils that also maintain the weight of the whole apparatus. No mention is made about the connection to the earth of the dome.

Fig 9 Flat vertical coil Wardenclyffe model

Fig 9 Flat vertical coil Tower model

Generating the low Beat frequency

Tesla needed low frequencies, so he converted the Colorado Springs circuit into a low frequency generator. Tesla knew how to generate low frequency pulsed energy. The high power levels of different frequencies produce waveforms that are ‘sum and difference’ frequencies. If you e.g. use a frequency f1 of 1 MHz and another f2 slightly above or below that frequency, two more wave forms are produced, the sum and difference of the original. Tesla needed this low frequency f3, or beat frequency, given by


The low frequency pulses, f3, are caused by the interference of the two waves at the same point in space. This plot of the resultant amplitude shows the periodic increase and decrease for two interfering sine waves in time. The blue color is f1 and the red is f2. The low purple beat frequency f3 results from the interference of f1 and f2.

Fig 10 The variation of the resultant amplitude in time for two interfering sine waves

Fig 10 The variation of the resultant amplitude in time for two interfering sine waves

Heterodyne Principle, Sum and Difference Frequencies

Heterodyning: when you superimpose two sine waves of different frequencies, you get components at the sum and difference of the two frequencies. This can be shown by using a sum rule from trigonometry for equal amplitude sine waves.

Fig 11 Heterodyning

The first term ”f3” gives the phenomenon of beats, with a beat frequency equal to the difference between the frequencies mixed, since the first term above results zero at this beat frequency.

Fig 12 First term F3 drives the result to zero

Fig 12 First term F3 drives the result to zero

Possible future of the Tesla helical cavity resonators

The low frequency cavity is doing basically the same as the original Wardenclyff Tesla wireless system did. The resonator’s shielding, capacitor C in Fig 8, is isolated from the Tesla helical resonators, grounded at some distance. The conducting concrete building forms an extra shield for the Tesla cavity to make it safe in use.


Fig 13 Tesla's tower with the earth connection

Fig 13 Tesla’s tower with the earth connection

Not only very high Voltages are used in excess of millions of volts, but also strong electric currents are produced in the earth, vibrating on the earth’s own resonances as an electrically charged body in space.

The combination of high power, high performance digital waveform generation and collection, using modern digital technology enables us to interact with the earth’s electrical energy. Circuits will be controlled and tuned automatically by the system in a save environment. This advanced modern Tesla coil, the helical resonator, is an energy Transceiver ticking at the earth’s electric heart beat.

Fig 14 Tesla's cavity resonator as may be implemented for wireless electrical energy

Fig 14 Tesla’s cavity resonator as may be implemented for wireless electrical energy